T H E   U N I V E R S I T Y   OF   B R I T I S H   C O L U M B I A

September 2010

Ronald Fedoruk
604 822 3707
Frederic Wood Theatre Rm. 113

Thtr 505 and Thtr 507 are studio courses intended to develop your unique personality and style as a designer, to improve the skills that will enable you to function as a professional, and to contribute to a professional level portfolio.  The class will meet Thursday 1:00-4:00 throughout the Fall Term.  For projects that carry forward into the Spring Term the instructor will be available as necessary for consultation.

Required Assignments:

Two completed set designs.   The first project will be completed in conjunction with THTR 405.  The second will be a self-directed project.

Some students may be designing projects for the Theatre at UBC subscription season, others will be choosing projects from the list below in consultation.   Projects completed for Thtr 505 or Thtr 507 cannot be used as Theses or for Thtr 99 practicum projects. 

All work should closely adhere to the Associated Designers of Canada Graphic Standards.

All assignments will be designed for a specific theatre, and the same theatre should not be used for both projects.  

Every effort will also be made to include a play that has a single setting and one with multiple settings; one with detailed stage directions and one with few descriptions.

Individual design projects and their scheduling will be determined on the first days of class.  Each project will have an individualised process, a final deadline, and intermediate deadlines for each stage of development. 

Late assignments will be graded but the penalty is completely at the discretion of the instructor.

Please ensure that you have the appropriate materials and space for your work: those who require studio space in the classroom should consult with me. Please note that we will be covering a lot of ground very fast: 2 designs in 6 months is not exhorbitant for a professional designer, but those will less experience are well advised not to procrastinate.


Required Reading:

        Federico García Lorca: Blood Wedding, A.S.Kline trans.

               Blood Wedding, Glynne Edwards, trans., London, AC Black 2008

               Three Tragedies: James Graham-Luján and Richard L. O’Connell, trans, New York, New Directions Paperbook, 1955

               Bodas de Sangre,  Ahmedabad,  Ediciones Colihue, 1994

               Bodas de Sangre, Allen Josephs y Juan Caballero, eds, Madrid, Caítedra, 2001

        Jean Giraudoux: Madwoman of Chaillot,  Maurice Valency, trans,  New York, Random House 1947

        Michel Marc Bouchard: The Madonna Painter,  Linda Gaboriau, trans.  Vancouver, Talonbooks, 2010

        Paul Yee: Cumberland, unpublished,
script availability TBA


Suggested Reading:

Design Theory:
    Appia, Adolphe: Peter Loeffler, trans: Staging Wagnerian Drama , Basel, Birkhauser Verlag, 1982
    Appia, Adolphe: Gables Coral, trans: Music and the Art of the Theatre, Florida, University of Miami Press, 1962
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    Blumenthal, Eileen: Julie Taymor; Playing with Fire, New York, Abrams 1995
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Suggested Plays:

Single Setting, Explicitly Described:
        Henrik Ibsen: A Doll's House,
                         Hedda Gabler.
        Michel Tremblay: Les Belles-Soeurs.
        Eric Nichol: I'll Be Back Before Midnight.
        Tennessee Williams: The Glass Menagerie,
                                   A Streetcar Named Desire.
        Eugene O'Niell: A Moon for the Misbegotten,
                           Long Day's Journey Into Night.
        Samuel Beckett: End Game.
                             Waiting for Godot.

        David Mamet: American Buffalo.
        Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman,
                        A View from the Bridge
        Thomson Highway: Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing
Harold Pinter: The Caretaker 

Multiple Setting, Explicitly Described:
        George Bernard Shaw: Heartbreak House,

        Wm. Congreve: The Way of the World
        Oliver Goldsmith: She Stoops to Conquer
        Anton Chekhov: The Seagull
                                 The Cherry Orchard

        J.M. Barrie: Peter Pan.
        Wole Soyinka: Death and the King's Horseman.
        Fredrico Garcia Lorca: Blood Wedding,
                                        The House of Bernarda Alba.

        Arthur Miller: The Crucible

Single Setting: Unspecific, Abstract or Implied Description:
        Euripides: The Bacchae.
        Wm. Shakespeare: Love's Labours Lost.
        Bertholt Brecht: The Caucasian Chalk Circle.
        Peter Shaffer: Equus.
        Sophocles: Oedipus Rex,

        Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot.

        Micheal Frayne: Copenhagen.
        Robert Bolt: A Man for All Seasons.
        Gwen Pharis Ringwood: Dark Harvest.
        Judith Thompson: Lion in the Streets.
        Morris Panych: Vigil
        James Reaney: Sticks and Stones
        Tom Stoppard: Arcadia
Frank Wedekind: Spring Awakening

Multiple Setting: Unspecific, Abstract or Implied Description:
        W.A. Mozart: The Magic Flute .
        Richard Wagner: Rheingold,
                              The Flying Dutchman.
        Wm. Shakespeare: King Lear,
                                Romeo and Juliet,
                               The Tempest

        Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt.
        Bertholt Brecht: Mother Courage and Her Children
        Georg Buchner: Woyzeck.
        Sophocles: Electra, Antigone.
        Peter Shaffer: Amadeus.
        George Ryga: The Ecstasy of Rita Joe.
        Sharon Pollock: Blood Relations.
        Harold Pinter : Betrayal
        George Elliott Clarke: Beatrice Chancey

    Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC;
    Telus Studio, UBC;
    New Globe Theatre, London;
    Drottningholm Court Theatre, Stockholm;
    Covent Garden, London;
    Berliner Operhaus, Berlin;
    Bregenzer Festespielehaus, Bregenz;
    Sidney Opera House, Sidney;
    Stratford Festival Theatre, Ont.;
    McPherson Playhouse, Vancouver;
    Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver;
    Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver;
    Queen Elizabeth Playhouse, Vancouver

    Action Design;
    Story Theatre;
    Musical Theatre.


    Tanya Moiseivitsch;
    Desmond Healey;
    Brian Jackson;
    Francois Barbeau;
    Murray Laufer;
    Susan Benson;
    Cameron Porteous;
    Robert Lepage;
    Micheal Levine;
    Phillip Silver;
    Phillip Clarkson;
    Ken MacDonald;
    Robert Gardiner.

    Sebastiano Serlio,
    Giuseppe Galli Bibiena,
    Inigo Jones,
    Lawrence Alma-Tadema;
    Caspar Neher;
    Natalia Goncharova,
    Oliver Messel,
    John Bury,
    Ralph Koltai,
    David Hockney,
    John Napier.

United States:
    Robert Edmond Jones;
    Jo Mielziner;
    Boris Aronson;
    Cecil Beaton;
    Oliver Smith,
    Ming Cho Lee;
    Santo Loquasto;
    Eugene Lee;
    Ralph Funicello
    Lee Simonsen

The University accommodates students with disabilities who have registered with the Disability Resource Centre.  The University accommodates students whose religious obligations conflict with attendance, submitting assignments, or completing scheduled tests and examinations.  Please let your instructor know in advance, preferably in the first week of class, if you will require any accommodation on these grounds.   Students who plan to be absent for varsity athletics, family obligations, or other similar commitments, cannot assume they will be accommodated, and should discuss their commitments with the instructor before the drop date.
Regular attendance is expected of students in all their classes (including lectures, laboratories, tutorials, seminars, etc.). Students who neglect their academic work and assignments may be excluded from the final examinations. Students who are unavoidably absent because of illness or disability should report to their instructors on return to classes.

Last date for withdrawal without a W on your transcript: September 22
Last date for withdrawal with a W instead of an F on your transcript: October 16